Daniel Saal

Passion for Product.

Making products customers love. And I love and believing in.

Disclaimer: Well, this website is about me. Let’s become a bit literary what’s in my mind, how I am ticking and what I would like to share with you. My personal manifesto so to say. ;-)

Finding new solutions and building products which scale. Paired with engagement, passion and fun. Everyday. This is what makes impact and what I am identifying myself way more than 15 years, I would say my whole life.

If you identify yourself with everything you tackle, you will be successful. It doesn’t matter if you are challenging private or business stuff.

What motivates you to stay up in the morning? Is it just the first coffee, or is it to become one step closer. To your own targets, your goals. At the end of the day I always reflect: Did I bring things forward? What did I learn today? What can I do better to improve?
Having a positive mind doesn’t apply automatically. Lots of people ask me, where I get my spirit and energy from. From my point of view it begins with your body - always. That’s why mornings start with running. While others laugh and may think I just want to be in shape, that's not the best guess ;-) Energizing myself is super important. This brings my blood into motion and is the precondition for everything which follows. It’s not about muscles. It’s the mind which counts.

During the last years, I came across different things: Building own websites, experiments with design, user experience, first wireframes, business cases, numbers, understanding of consumer needs, scaling conversions, retention, customer satisfaction, the whole circle of how businesses work and last but not least: Mistakes. I made a lot of them. In leadership, as well as in operational work. But instead of resigning, I used each of them to improve constantly.

Okay, and how to scale up? Not alone. By my environment. By teams. The best idea will never work in case you are underestimating the right mindset, ways of workings and most importantly - the people. What drives people to be engaged? What drives dynamics of organizations?
I believe into the strength of each perspective and angle to make things happen.

Everyone, including myself, wants to belong, recognized and achieving success & dreams - visions. Step by step. This is what kicks my adrenaline and what brings fun. Could be my own projects within family, in business, in sports. Anything.

I am lucky, proud and feeling honored of being a part of such incredible journeys day by day, consciously.

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